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Rostock Soundscapes

Juris, Latvian Accordionist and Trumpeter,
Central Rostock, 11 November 2010
Photography © Dr Barbara Alge

'Soundscapes Rostock' is an ethnomusicological exploration of city sounds, and an attempt to define through sound the various different regions of the city. Based on soundscape theories developed by R. Murray Schafer, and conducted through the Hochschule für Musik und Theater (HMT) Rostock, the project was led by ethnomusicologists Dr Barbara Alge and Dr Frances Wilkins in collaboration with students and staff at the HMT.The aim of the project was to capture and record sounds, musical and environmental, which in some way identify the different quarters of the city - anything from political rallies in the city centre to electric doors opening and closing in the Südstadt. This was carried out over five months between October 2010 and February 2011 and resulted in a substantial collection of audio and video recordings, photographs, fieldnotes, and transcriptions. On 24th February 2011 the 'Soundscapes Rostock' exhibition opened at the Haus Böll, Muhlenstraße 9, Rostock, and continued for one month until 24 March 2011. On the soundscapes website, at www.soundscapesrostock.de, you will be able to find detailed information on the project and the project team, bibliographies, database of the material collected, and perhaps most importantly a sound map of Rostock incorporating audio, video, photography, and texts. 

Many thanks to Dr Barbara Alge, Junior Professor in Ethnomusicology at HMT, and the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung foundation, who made the project possible.



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